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BPL Thermo Verpackungen

BPL thermo packaging

Thermal Packaging Solutions

Patient safety has the highest priority. Our qualified packaging systems and temperature controlled containers meet the unique and demanding challenges of the global cold chain and life science industry. We ensure that your temperature controlled consignment arrives at its destination without any influence on the efficacy of the product. Our packaging solutions include the preconditioning and provision of appropriate thermal packaging and data loggers, a full on-site packing service as well as the proper labeling in compliance with transport-related policies, with special focus on dangerous goods regulations. The following temperature ranges are being covered by our active and passive packaging:

  • +35°C to +37°C incubation
  • +15°C to +25°C controlled ambient
  • +2°C to +8°C refrigerated
  • -25°C to -15°C frozen
  • -50°C to -30°C deep-frozen
  • -80°C to -60°C cryo
  • -196°C Liquid Nitrogen (LN)/ Dry Shipper